Sparklet 256 LED Display




Build your own designs by incorporating the raw Sparklet 256 LED, 64mm, color display.




Why Round

When you look at the majority of emojis, characters and symbols, they typically don’t fill corners, so we thought lets eliminate the corners and use those pixels to create more usable resolution. Generally 16×16 resolution is sufficient enough for visuals to be recognizable, anything less and they look pixel smashed, so with this round display there is an effective 18×18 resolution which enhances that minimum resolution further.



 This display uses the latest 2x2mm WS2812B-2020 compatible color RGB LEDs, consuming 50% less power and generating 50% less heat than previous components. This translates into longer running times from your battery powered designs.



RGB LEDs can consume a huge amount of power so this display incorporates an automatic fuse to protect the display itself and your power supply, fortunately the human eye perceives light on a logarithmic scale so for the majority of scenarios you won’t need to drive the display using any more than 500mA. We also added ESD protection circuitry to prevent stray voltage spikes from damaging the display.


Logical Level Flexibility

As this display requires 5V power and microcontrollers can be either 5V or 3.3V a logical level shifter is integrated to make it that much easier for you to wire it up.


Power management in mind

RGB addressable LEDs consume power even when they aren’t emitting light as they’re ready and waiting in their ‘quiescent’ state. We considered this for battery powered designs by incorporating an active-high Enable pin, so the array can be powered down when your design isn’t actively displaying anything.

Included Diffuser

LEDs are fairly harsh to look at with the naked eye, so we’ve included an accompanying diffuser which softens the light


The raw Sparklet display requires 4 connections to its header:

5VLEDs require a 5V power supply, this 256 LED display requires a minimum of 1000mA. Also to ensure a steady supply of power as the LEDs illuminate on and off, ensure you have a 1000uF capacitor as close to the display connection as possible (make sure you get the polarity correct, and the rated voltage for the capacitor is at least 10V). If you are creating a battery powered system then you’ll need a booster module such as the Adafruit Powerboost 1000C
GNDConnect to ground
ENABLEThe display array is powered when Enable is high (3.3V or 5V) so tie this to a GPIO pin for selective control, or wire high otherwise.
DATAThe WS28212B LEDs only requires a single pin to drive them, this display integrates a logic level shifter, so the Data line can be 3.3V or 5V logic.
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