Setup Sparklet All-In-One

Remove Sparklet and micro USB cable from box

The USB cable is tucked away under the insert tray within the product box


Plug in USB cable

Connect your Sparklet to a PC using the supplied USB cable, this cable is used both for charging the device and connecting to a PC. When the Sparklet is connected to a USB power source, it automatically wakes up and plays the animations stored on it. This option can be turned off in the device connection panel in the Microsoft Expressive Pixels application, or other compatible software.

Check your firmware version

The Sparklet device is shipped with the latest firmware version, however there may be updates, so to ensure you have access to the latest features check to see if you have the latest version by visiting the SiliconSquared GitHub site. View the Sparklet All-In-One FAQ page for more details

Install and run the Microsoft Expressive Pixels app

The Sparklet was designed to be Microsoft Expressive Pixels compatible and allows you to create your own amazing animations and control your device. Install it from the Microsoft Store and start your creativity.

Connect to the Expressive Pixels app

Once you have installed the app connect to the Sparklet device using USB or Bluetooth connection by opening the Available Devices panel, and selecting the Connect button over the relevant device.
Tip: If connected using USB you can enjoy live previews of animations on the device as you hover over them, similarly when editing animations you can see your creations come to life on the display itself.

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